Ultrasonic Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation 5 in 1 Massager

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    This #1 Facial muscle simulator will help to increase the blood flow into facial muscles, different modes & stimulation helps in tightening skin & shrink pores, Improves skin tone, slows down or eliminates wrinkles & aging on the skin.
    A LED photo therapy in salon costs $250 per session and very time consuming, this device is perfect and gives you the same results at home without consuming much of your time at a very efficient cost. 

  • Ultrasonic Device with ION - / + and Photon Function is a multi-function cosmetic instrument that combines three large-scale cosmetic tools: LED skin care, BIO micro-current treatment and ultrasound beauty device.
  • Mesotherapy is a modern technique that allows the active agents to penetrate deep into the skin without a needle.
  • Electric muscle stimulation gently stimulates muscle contractions and thus forces the facial muscles to work.
  • Four high-quality conductive metal head, suitable for all skin types and not causing any damage to the skin. The effect on the facial skin strengthens the molecular resonance of the skin cells, stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism. It can exert the beauty essence on the skin deep, promote collagen reformation and the blood circulation, improve the fine lines and wrinkles.


  • High-frequency bio-currents have an effect on the skin, muscles, lymphatics and blood vessels, which can lead to a muscle build-up and a constant lifting effect.


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